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The Beauty World Is Putting A Fresh Spin On Ancient Beauty Rituals

For hundreds of thousands of years, people from all over the world have tapped into their surroundings to create skin care remedies and makeshift cosmetics, from Cleopatra’s rumored donkey milk baths to a young Dolly Parton using red pokeberries for lipstick. Thanks to innovations in technology and ingredients, the world has come a long way with its heritage beauty formulas. Never in an ancestor's wildest dreams did they think people would be programming a flat iron to custom fit their hair type

16 Must-Have Asian Beauty Products That Go Beyond K-Beauty

But its proven effectiveness made way for 10-step skin care routines, double cleansing, and face washing with fizzy water. K-beauty has since become a mainstay in the U.S. beauty industry, reaching an estimated $13.1 billion in sales in 2018.

Western beauty brands like Garnier, Beautycounter and Peter Thomas Roth have all adopted K-beauty concepts and incorporated them into their own products, while American retailers like CVS, Target and Walmart all have dedicated K-beauty sections. The succes

Here’s Why You Love Dessert-Scented Perfume

A signature scent is simultaneously one of the most important and underrated decisions in a person’s life. Impelling others to associate a fragrance with your memory can be a subtle power move, an unconscious posturing, a firm handshake — if the correct scent is chosen. Perfume can impress, or irritate, in mere seconds.

Some choose to live a life of florals, while others prefer a sophisticated musk. My methods of scent seduction lie in gourmand: perfumes with edible, dessert-inspired fragrance

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